You know her when you see her. She walks in a room and you want to watch her. You know her when you hear her. She opens her mouth and you want to listen. You know her when you feel her. For everything she touches has her mark. The mark of class. The mark of attitude, finesse, confidence and poise. And then you become a believer... a Damn believer. She is Mushiya, Founder and creative director of The Damn Salon. The Damn Salon began in a kitchen, with a chair, a comb and a girl with a goal: City Twists. Today, the signature style marks a turning point in the history of the “natural hair movement”. From this kitchen, and with the continued support of her husband, Mushiya gave birth to two Damn Salon locations, Atlanta and Charlotte, a line of Natural Hair Care Products, an online boutique, and ‘A Taste of Damn’ her Touring Division which travels the country providing signature styles to clients waitlisted for months for their opportunity to be Damned. Raised in Congo, Mushiya, learned do hair from her mother. This skill along with her entrepreneurial spirit, funded her college and University in Montreal. As a teenager, she opened a by invitation only designer handbag boutique in her parents garage. The boutique’s success funded her relocation to New York. There, she became a respected natural hair stylist, recognised for her unique twists. She later bought a house in Atlanta, and in her kitchen began The Damn Salon. Without graphics or programming background, she designed a website, shot and edited the photography, created and implemented the marketing strategy and brought to life the voice and personality that now brands The Damn Salon. She invented and trademarked several natural styling techniques and rapidly built a cult following. She is often invited as a subject matter expert for panels, focus groups and seminars and has been featured in national magazines such as Ebony, Upscale, Sophisticated Black Hair, and various documentaries. As the demand grew, she assembled a team of friends, colleagues and few marginalized young girls. Together they have become The Damn Salon, an internationally celebrated beauty movement. Mushiya is strong believer that skills can be taught and education can be pursued. But integrity, character, honesty and personality are what she hires as she quotes, “It is not the "what" of the business, but the "who" of the business that determines its success”The Damn Salon is an upscale natural hair salon celebrating and catering to high fashion naturally textured hair. It encourages styling without the use of heat or chemicals, which not only damage hair, but are harmful to the body and the environment. and it is not your everyday salon. It is unique in that the services provide a full beauty retreat for women, pampering with wine, hors d'oeuvres and gourmet cuisine while being serviced. Services are coupled with complimentary makeup application, wardrobe styling and a photo shoot. The experience is a full body, mind and emotional makeover, leaving women revitalised, refreshed and confident.  And confidence is what she exudes. Her goal is to instill the same in everyone she or her team lays their art on. Maybe for her wild natural hair, maybe for her sassiness, maybe for her sexiness, maybe for the rasp in her voice, maybe for her accent, maybe for her classy, edgy yet dangerous style... maybe for her poise, yet “i don’t give a damn what you think” attitude. Whatever it is, her presence is undeniable and when you see her, you will remember her.


MUSHIYA THE STYLISTI have been doing hair for 15 years, so don't question me. I'm just kidding. Okay, no I'm not. Do I love doing hair? Ah, not really. But wait! Please wait. What I do love is to transform people. And what I love even more than that is the orgasmic feeling of satisfaction I receive when a client says, "Damn! I love my hair". City twists  $250, fusions maybe $600, Your satisfaction...priceless! And if you are anything like me, satisfaction is no less than 150%. Needless to say, when it comes to my hair, I am very particular - borderline delirious...and am most satisfied by rising to the challenge of satisfying the most particular clients. I aim to achieve this through a combination of experience, quality work, professionalism, impeccable customer service, and basically spoiling the hell out of you. I enjoy it. I have been blessed with a classy clientele, most of which are repeats and referral. So I dare you to come in for an unforgettable beauty experience.

The Damn Team