I always loved hair and fashion but even as a little girl, I always seemed to go against the grain. What was ugly and strange to my peers was beautiful to me. I knew I was different but I loved it and couldnt give a damn what others thought of me. When I decided to go natural in 2006 at age 15, everyone, including my parents,  thought I was crazy. Coming from a Haitian background, beauty was defined in 2 traits only: light skin and long, straight hair. And since I had no control over my dark skin…. the audacity of the child to now willingly CHOOSE to have “nappy”, kinky, short hair! But the difference between I and the rest of the world, at a time when natural and dark were defined as ugly… is that I had the CONFIDENCE to rock “UGLY” and turn it into beautiful.


Being a stylist never cross my mind. In fact I never knew what I wanted to do in life. I remember the day Mushiya taught me how to braid at age 12. I loved it so much, I did everyone's hair for free for years. Then 8 years later she taught me something bigger than hair. She taught me to lifestyle of natural hair.  She taught me how to care for natural hair. She taught meto create a look. It is then that I realised that hair WAS my life and my career. I feel in love with ability to create a vision and transform people's perspective of themselves, by turning what one may have called UGly… into beautiful.

Today, I travel the country, DC, Miami, Charlotte, Houston, Philly, New York, Montreal, and more, transforming women and teaching them how to love, care for and wear their natural hair with a confidence that is undeniably beautiful. And finally, I actually believe I am not going against the grain because today, 2013, the world has finally realised that natural hair... is the grain. perservering.

The Damn Team