Although loving and feeling good about your natural hair seems is so simple, there is something so beautiful and intense about it, as it represents and exudes the pride one has in her self. For this reason, I have been loving and nurturing  my own natural hair  & that of my friends and families since the age of twelve. The satisfaction, the happiness and the sheer beauty that blossoms from a woman, when I finish creating art in her hair, is so satisfying, it leaves me with the need to be affected by it everyday. CReating the perfect hairstyle - contouring, trimming, layering and twisting, and just watching a women's skepticism turn to satisfaction is my call to beauty.  It is my answer to beauty. Everyone needs beauty - a chance to gaze at themselves,  look and feel gorgeous, flawless, regal, inside out. It is my job. No... it is my desire. is my joy... to create this feeling for you. It is my passion to use the natural in my fingers to built beauty and breathe confidence into every aspect of your life. Be damned and live life full of beauty. 

The Damn Team