The Damn Team


In honor of my craft, I have decided to start by dedicating this bio to the core of my passion. I have an undying thirst for styling hair. That is and has always been the most passionate part of being a stylist for me. To a stylist, creating a fabulous signature cut from a blank canvas can easily be compared to creating life itself. To stand back and marvel in its manifestation is almost like a mother to a child. 

Watching the changing faces of women who come in feeling not so pretty, but leave looking and feeling like they could walk the runway, gratifies me in ways nothing else can. As my rotating chair pivots from left to right, I can see the reflection of awe that gleam through my mirror at me. With every snip and sheer of my scissors, I glance at the slightly sceptic anxious looks of excitement awaiting transformation. Like a dance, we dip and bow , and glide through this encounter with therapeutic conversations of love, boyfriends, husbands, work, exams, new diet, vacations, bosses, religion, Rhiana vs Beyonce, children, parents, politics, do you know him? Do you know her? Have you seen that movie...have you heard this song. Last but not least, the most famous frenzy of imagination of what I would  do ” if I could only win the lotto” Each subject flows one into another like a story being told, until the dance has come to end. Again, there is nothing more fulfilling then the ooohhs and awws of another satisfied customer. Reminded, I know that the authentic talents God has given me is fuelled by continuous customer satisfaction. 

I must have been about 15 years old the day I created my first master peace. Well...Minus the master...a piece of something is exactly what it was. I remember it like it was yesterday. Secluded in the west wing of an echoing high school bathroom, in hand was a pocket comb, a pair of construction paper scissors and willing candidate. I still don’t know how I got her to trust me that day, but in the end she wore that lopsided Bob and jacked up bangs with style and grace.

Although I studied at Gordon Robinson Hair School late in my career, for as long as I can remember I have loved doing hair. From roller setting my cabbage patch dolls to French braids in my Grandmothers hair. It’s almost like the desire chose me, I was born to do this. Braids and weaves, cuts and streaks, oil sheens and stiff sprays....clearly I was put on this earth to make you beautiful. From fierce walks down the runway, to that baby blue prom dress, to makeup and  updo’s on your wedding day. I continue to make my mark in these special places and times of your lives. So sit in my chair, flip through the hottest hair magazine and lets create a new you together...cause although beauty is skin’s the first thing they see. So attack them with your best look always. 

My motto is and will always be....ALWAYS HAVE HOT HAIR .