trim WARNING! DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT YOU NEED TO PRESS OR STRAIGHTEN NATURAL HAIR TO TRIM IT.  As we have informed you, all straightening processes are damaging to natural hair. Therefore, why expose your hair to harm in order to do something that is healthy? Trimming is very beneficial and necessary for the growth of your hair. It can and SHOULD be done in natural hair's natural state. We have perfected the intricate art of  trimming natural hair, so the next time someone tells you to straighten your hair so they can trim it... tell them you'd rather be damned! Then call us.






Application: 1 Hrs

When: Halfway thru Style



Application: 30 min

When: Every 3 to 4 weeks

wash & deep conditioning


Application: 20 min

When: Once a Week

extension removal 


Application: 2 Hrs


twist out


Application:  20 min

When: 1 to 7 weeks in

peppermint & tea tree hot oil treatment 


Application: 30 min