His freshman counselor forced him to take piano. He went from skipping the first five classes, to discovering his love and innate brilliance for music & its composition. He began producing and winning shows all over Miami with a rap group he formed. His ambition for music and entertainment inspired a move to New York, where he ran a Thursday nightclub Bon Appetite, which sold out week after week. He met Mushiya, a distinctive singer and performer from Congo whose first album he executive produced and managed with many successful shows throughout the tri-state.  Working with and learning from some New Yorks greatest industry gurus,  including B. Darius, a producer of Akons, Prince Charles and Bob Powers, engineers for Mary J, Cindy Lauper, and many more, trained and developed his ear. With an ear for whats haute musically, Lous melodious intuition is now years ahead of his epoch. His creative impulse to music gives him the ability to bring to life any vision by producing a utopian fitting accompaniment. He moved to Atlanta, where he was appointed, the Z-Dream musical director for one of the most electrifying theatrical music showcases Lavish lounge and Lavish Casino. He managed to enhance the theatrical production by transforming the musical aspect into a 1940 swing and big band era and conducting the performances of a 10 piece band, to bring the vision to life. The shows became an ingenious hit. He continued to take Atlanta by Storm when he and Mushiya created the Damn Firm, where they combined music, fashion and hair, to create a captivating Damn movement. They have a dedicated international following who now await in anticipation, as Lou, creative director of Damn musique, completes the first Damn compilation. He is that eye. He is that ear - one that is able to see, hear, then identify, develop and orchestrate that missing element that will ignite any stage, hypnotize any audience, and leave everyone lusting for more. Lou. He has that damn factor.

The Damn Team