farah innocent.

“No thank you, I don’t need it” is what I told my mother the first time she offered me a perm after we had spent months getting my hair healthy and back into shape.  Yes! I had already been through enough perms. The long, straight hair... loved it at first but then they fell, got damaged and I had no choice but to cut them. Then the rehabilitation began... and I vowed never to perm again. It only took one bad relaxer to realize...I don’t need this! 


Hair has always been in my life. When I was in middle school.... I did hair on the side. During high school... I did hair on the side. While dabbling in different college courses and deeply searching for “my career”.... I did hair on the side.  While making many decisions and changing these same decisions, the love for hair just always remained consistent. As much soul searching and career searching as I searched, it was undeniable that hair was that love of my life. She, was who I wanted to be. The misconception that I NEEDED to pursue a conventional Career like becoming a nurse or doctor stopped. The voices of disappointment from all my family regarding my “poor” choice of career paths, no longer became my voice of reason. My heart became my voice. Now, I just need to get to the next level.


After working a couple of years in salons in Montreal I sought an opportunity with The Damn Salon. I was drawn by their passion and love for natural hair and their movement to make the whole world go natural. I wanted to be a part of it. And when you want something really bad, the opportunity will present itself.  So I packed my bags.


So here I am... because I took a decision. So here I am because I love doing hair. And So HERE I AM because my goal in life is to enhance the lives of other woman by utilizing the gift, the skills, the experience, the passion and the divine call to duty that God gave me to do YOUR hair.


And so here I am.... because I accept. 

The Damn Team