La raison d'ĂȘtre, for any stylist should be at the core of not just fashion, but HIGH FASHION. My goal is to be Avant-Garde with each new CREATION, a desire born from the days I would dress my Barbie Dolls with garments from my mother's wardrobe: I would cut up her $100 chemise and, create. In the scorching heat of West Africa, I learned from a very young age the transformative meaning of BEAUTY. My family, saturated with women, high cheek bones, slanted eyes, tight curly hair, rounded cleavage, and long legs, taught me the meaning of NATURAL beauty. I knew how to cornrow by the age of five. I understood what it meant to SUFFER FOR THE SAKE OF BEAUTY. By ten, I knew how to micro. I knew the difference between good and bad braids and appreciated the time it took to CREATE A LOOK. It was then, my LOVE OBSESSION with hair was born. Today, I create with those early passions still intact. Every new model that sits in my chair absorbs my every creative inspiration - an aura of sexy, an essence of beauty, and a touch of elegance. Your wish is my complete desire.


The Damn Team