ThE Damn Salon is certainly not your everyday hair salon. We are about hair. We are about make-up. We are about being natural and still high fashion. We are about being conscious and still exciting. We are  about being intellectual leaders and teachers, who are intelligent enough  to  know when to follow. We are about being fierce and DAMN, we have attitude for days but are humble enough to give. We are confident in  our art, in our selves, in our goals, in our beliefs and  in exactly what God made us to be. We are beautiful to the fullest of our potential and frankly don't give a damn what other people think.Through our art, we aim to inspire  and dare you to be beautiful to your fullest potential. Our art is unique and has inspired and attracted women internationally. Our clients fly in religiously to experience our damn services from as far as California, New York, Hawaii, DC, Toronto,  Alaska and even Europe. Yes that may seem farfetched, but once you've had damn experience, you too would travel to be damned. Damn hair focuses on the styling and maintenance of natural hair. We do not promote chemical or heat processing, therefore do not ask us to do it. Heat and chemical processing eventually breaks down hair follicles, damages and thins out hair and then makes you look crazy. There are many misconceptions on how to treat and maintain natural hair. So when attempting to transition from permed to natural hair, most people give up because basic natural hair care information is unknown. Most of us know how to get a perm, wrap our hair and set it, but when it comes to just the basic combing of natural hair, WE, or should I say YOU, are LOST! Hence the reason WE are here.There are a lot of pseudo natural salons that believe that the only way to style natural hair is to first press it and then proceed with permed styles.  VERY FUNNY. We at the Damn Salon take pride in providing our clients with an endless number of natural hair styling options and continue to share guidelines on the care and growth of your natural hair. Our main objective is to help you attain and maintain a healthy head of a lot of hair. Our fundamental philosophy is who the hell said natural had to be boring. In fact be High Fashion, Trendy, Haute and still corporate. Our supporting philosophies are as simple as: if its good for me and harmless to you, then I don't give a damn what you think, and if you don't like it, well then too bad. See, we have endured sleepless nights of creating, experimenting and innovating an array of avant guard, natural styles to provide natural hair with even more options and solutions than processed hair. Now you know we love natural hair, BUT if you ever need that straight fix, we can always give you the flattest, best damn tai braid fusion ever seen and without processing not an inch of your hair. DAMN! Its not an acronym. It is just what you'll say when were done.

the MissionThrough the art of hair, make-up, fashion and photography, we aim to instill confidence,  and inspire self love by  addressing, enhancing, accentuating and then capturing women's beauty on the outside, while promoting natural, organic and health conscious products, techniques and lifestyle. Damn!.. That's a hell of a mission!The PhilosopyI am beautiful and I don't give a damn what you think.